Flea and Roundworm Protection

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Fleas Low-Moderate High  Moderate Low 
Roundworm Kitten          High High  High  High
 Roundworm Adult Cats  Routine worming needed throughout the year.


  • Fleas can cause irritation in kittens and sometimes skin disease in allergic animals (known as flea allergy dermatitis); fleas may also bite you and your family.
  • Fleas spend only a short part of the life cycle on the animal as adults; the majority of fleas in a household are in the immature stages which live in the carpets, furniture, etc.
  • Fleas have traditionally been considered a more serious problem during the summer and autumn months - the flea season.
  • Today, with warm, carpeted homes, fleas are often a year-round problem (see chart).
  • Flea control should aim to eliminate both the adult stages on the animal and the immature stages in the home.
  • Stronghold treats and prevents flea infestations by killing adult fleas on the pet and killing eggs and larva in carpets and furnishings. With a simple monthly dose, pets and homes can be protected against fleas.


Using Stronghold for Flea control

  • In some situations, flea control can be achieved with monthly use of Stronghold during the flea season only.
  • In other cases, kittens may be exposed to fleas throughout the year, either from a home which is already infested or from other infested environments outside the home; in this situation, Stronghold should be used monthly throughout the year.
  • Even in the absence of fleas, some animals with flea allergy dermatitis can be so sensitive to flea saliva that your veterinary surgeon may recommend year-round flea control.
  • Ask your veterinary surgeon about the particular protection from parasites that your pet need.



  • It is important to regularly worm kittens of all ages to keep them healthy, and to reduce environmental contamination by work eggs, which can be a threat to both your family and your pet.
  • Roundworms are parasites which may live in the intestinal tract of cats of all ages.
  • Adult roundworms lay eggs which are shed into the environment in faeces.
  • These eggs can infect humans and may cause eye disease, which in the worst case may lead to blindness.


Using Stronghold for Kittens

  • The risk of roundworm infection is generally highest in your animals.
  • Kittens are born with, or quickly acquire roundworm infections from their mother, and remain at high risk until approximately 6 months of age (see chart)
  • Regular worming with Stronghold will treat roundworm infection, reducing the risk to the kitten.
  • Regular working helps reduce environmental contamination with roundworm eggs, which can be a threat to you and your family as well as your pet.


Using Stronghold for Adult Cats

  • Cats of all ages should be wormed regularly as infective roundworm eggs may be continuously picked up from the environment.
  • Immunity to roundworm infections generally develops in animals over 6 months of age; however, this may not prevent all adults from harbouring roundworm infections (see chart).
  • Stronghold given monthly for flea treatment and prevention will treat roundworm at the same time, ensuring that this important part of preventative healthcare is not forgotten or given too infrequently.

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